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Babylonian Tablet: Noah’s Ark Was Circular Raft, Made of Reeds
January 2, 2010, 6:26 am
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A text recently translated from ancient Babylonian is the first to give a physical description of the ark.

According to newly translated instructions inscribed in ancient Babylonian on a clay tablet telling the story of the ark, the vessel that saved one virtuous man, his family and the animals from god’s watery wrath was not the pointy-prowed craft of popular imagination but rather a giant circular reed raft….

“Wall, wall! Reed wall, reed wall! Atram-Hasis, pay heed to my advice, that you may live forever! Destroy your house, build a boat; despise possessions And save life! Draw out the boat that you will built with a circular design; Let its length and breadth be the same.”

The tablet goes on to command the use of plaited palm fibre, waterproofed with bitumen, before the construction of cabins for the people and wild animals.

It ends with the dramatic command of Atram-Hasis to the unfortunate boat builder whom he leaves behind to meet his fate, about sealing up the door once everyone else is safely inside: “When I shall have gone into the boat, Caulk the frame of the door!”

More on the ark-raft.


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This is just more clap-trap of the secular world in a vain attempt to remove the Deity of THE all powerful God of the Bible.

It is far more likely that some king heard of what Noah was doing and decided to take out some “insurance”, just in case the local Mesopotamian prophet wasn’t off his rocker.

This article and those who proffer this opinion, have not made any great archeological leap. They have taken a great archeological find and have attempted to twist it and bend it into a shape of their own choosing. One which allows them to continue down a false path of evolution and humanism.

Comment by Curtis Rowell


Comment by lol-guy

Curtis – for proof of evolution please see any other post on this site.

Comment by Will

There is no proof of evolution for “evolution” as the blinded or uninformed call it is actually “devolution”.

Evolutionists insist upon claiming the earth is millions or billions of years old and have continued to search for a non-existant “missing link” for decades. Evolution is an ‘opinion’ not based upon observational science but conjecture and is therefore, not science at all.

I challenge anyone to produce one shread of REAL observational science which supports the Darwinian “Evolutionist” view point.

Comment by Curtis Rowell

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