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Largest tomb complex unearthed at Saqqara, Egypt
January 4, 2010, 10:58 pm
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A 2,500-year-old tomb recently unearthed at Saqqara in Egypt is the largest recorded tomb in the necropolis.

Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed the largest tomb yet discovered in the ancient Saqqara necropolis, antiquities chief Zahi Hawass said on Monday.

One of two tombs found, which were carved out of stone, consists of a vast chamber that branches off into many alcoves. One alcove contained skeletons and pottery, and led to another chamber with a seven-metre-deep (23-foot) well.

“This is the largest tomb in Saqarra,” Hawass told AFP. “It took me two hours to look round all of it.”

At the northern end of the tomb, Hawass said archaeologists found another alcove that contained mummified falcons — symbols of the sky god Horus — and well-preserved pottery.

However, he said the tomb did appear to have been looted.

Pottery was found in the other, much smaller, tomb.

“This discovery… confirms that the Saqqara area still contains undiscovered secrets,” Hawass said.

More on the latest discovery at Saqqara.


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