Herodotus Returns

Article on ‘Finding Pharaoh Gold’ in Guardian
February 2, 2010, 12:16 pm
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Charming article in The Guardian about a British writer’s experience finding gold artifacts as a helper on excavations in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor. Accounts like this from non-archaeologists are some of my favorite narratives. Sometimes archaeologists, knowledgeable as they are about their subject, have a knack for sucking all the human romance and thrill out of digging up a very old, beautiful object. Sometimes it takes an unsuspecting amateur to capture that.

Here’s Paul Sussman on discovering a small gold plaque from KV56, Valley of the Kings

I felt wonder, of course, and excitement, a breathless racing of the pulse as all those childhood fantasies of discovering buried treasure suddenly became a reality. Also, a strange fleeting sense of dislocation, as if for the briefest of instants I’d been allowed a glimpse into a long-lost world. Mainly I was just anxious to get the object photographed, recorded and put away safely. I have a reputation, sadly deserved, for spectacular acts of clumsiness, and didn’t want this find to become my latest victim.

More from Sussman’s article.


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