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Link between ancient asian and north american languages

Genetic evidence supports the fact that people – at least during one migration – arrived in the Americas via the Bering land bridge between Siberia and and modern-day Alaska. Now, one researcher is teasing out linguistic evidence. Edward Vajda, of the University of Washington, is revealing connections between the language of the isolated Ket people of central Siberia and about 45 different Native American languages. Here’s an excerpt from an article I found, but I recommend you read the whole article – pretty fascinating stuff.

The importance of studying a disappearing language goes far beyond a personal linguistic interest, Vajda explained.

“It’s a new way to understand human prehistory before there were historians to write it down. Isolated languages like Ket have developed features that are very unusual and interesting, and they help us to understand the human mind and human language ability.”

“We linguists should not be the focus of attention here,” Vajda added. “What is important are the languages and especially the Native communities themselves.”

The rest of the article, here.


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[…] Link between ancient asian and north american languages […]

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